Mobile DJ For All Occasions


Ed & Lory Sevillena
"Khader is terrific!!!  It's been almost five years since our wedding and people still say our wedding reception is the best they ever attended!  Thanks in large part to Khader's mad DJ'ing skills!  Everything he played was right on the money!  He honored every music requests.  His song list is

endless!!  You name it, he had it!  Guests were on the dance floor the entire night!!  Khader knew just the right songs to play to get the crowd up and moving.  His music kept everyone dancing and when the evening came to a close, people kept asking for more!!  Our guest could not get enough!  Everyone had so much fun!  We would definitely recommend K. Yanni Productions to anyone looking to have a great party atmosphere for any occasion, from a corporate party to weddings and other celebrations.  Khader is talented, professional, and just a REAL nice guy!!  Khader, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding an event to remember."

Lois & Joel Vega
"We thought you were really professional and did an excellent job keeping everything flowing well throughout the reception. You are very talented and we enjoyed the care you took to include some of Joel’s favorites by Vicente as well!! Thank you for helping make our day exceptional."
Sant & Ivy Asuncion
"DJ Kidd did a wonderful job with our wedding back in 2006. I love the enthusiasm and his eagerness to do this event. Two weeks prior, with his experience of doing numerous wedding, he was well prepared in providing us his professional opinion. He was very helpful in

formulating our thoughts into tentative schedule and was always accommodating to our busy schedule. Pronouncing the entourage’s name correctly was his utmost concern. The day of the wedding went smoothly as planned. He was punctual and had the guest entertained through out the night. He kept the guest on the dance floor, dancing the night away making it an unforgettable night for the both of us. I would definitely hire him again for his professionalism."

Chris & Phyllis Sales
"KYanni Productions did our wedding on 10/3 and if we could give them a rating of more than 5 stars for the work they did for us, we would!
When we first contacted Khader to be our DJ, he e-mailed us his song list as well as a questionnaire as to what songs

we might want for things like our first dance, father-daughter dance, etc. When we met with him in person to go over everything, he first listened to our ideas and then asked questions on aspects of the reception we had overlooked. He even gave us ideas on the order of how the reception could go to help everything flow smoothly, especially keeping in mind the timelines of our photographer and videographer. We could see that he had experience with dealing with big weddings like the one we had.
Khader's song selection is great. If he doesn't have the song you need, you can be rest-assured that he'll get it for you in time for your big day. My cousin sang a solo at the reception and couldn't find a version of the song without the vocals. Khader worked on the music the week before the wedding to come up with a version she could work with! That's going above and beyond what you would expect a DJ to do.
Aside from the song selection, Khader was also helpful in advising us of our lighting options as well. He would show us different ideas and was honest about how much each element would cost if we were to add them. He even helped with getting us our monogram which everyone agreed was a nice addition to the ambiance of the reception.
Khader's brother, Hanna, was an excellent MC. Some people butcher the pronunciations of last names, but he made sure to follow-up with me prior to the wedding day to go over the names of all the members of our bridal party to make sure he had them phonetically right. He did a fantastic job at keeping things running smoothly during the wedding reception. Not only did he serve as an MC but he also played the role of a wedding coordinator that night! He made sure to work with our timeline and keep things flowing. Beyond that he constantly checked in with us throughout the night to make sure that we were stress-free and enjoying our reception.
Khader aka DJ Kidd kept the beats going all night. One sure way to see if your guests are enjoying the party is to see if they're out there on the dance floor. There wasn't a time that the dance floor was empty! Our guests are still raving about how good the music was that night and what a great time they had. :)
We would recommend Khader and Hanna's DJ and MC services to anyone, hands-down. Hire them and you'll know you'll have one less headache in your wedding planning.
Khader and Hanna -- There aren't enough words to express our gratitude to the both of you for making our wedding reception one to remember! Thanks again for everything!"

Tips On Finding The Right DJ

Consider the DJ's reputation in the industry. Does he or she appear to have solid footing among other wedding vendors? Have others vouched for the DJ's skills and services via their blog or other public endorsements? Does the DJ have a sizable quantity of customer reviews online?

    Check to see if the DJ carries full liability insurance. Coverage of at least $1,000,000 is appropriate. You should be able to, upon request, review the DJ's certificate of insurance, and the DJ should be able and willing to add additional insured parties (such as the venue) if needed.

      Verify that the DJ has a comprehensive emergency backup plan in case of illness or accident. The DJ should be able to explain, in detail, exactly what would happen if he or she were unable to perform. Specifically, you should know who would be called in to cover the event and how the DJ will ensure that that person is prepared. (Be sure, also, that the DJ can provide you with the backup person's qualifications -- you don't want your client to be stuck with a second-rate DJ who couldn't find their own booking for a busy weekend!)

        Ask about the DJ's policies. How will the DJ dress for the event, and for the setup of equipment? What does he or she require in terms of food and beverage? What is the DJ's stance on drinking alcohol during an event? What about self-promotion, such as banners, signs, or plugging the DJ business on the microphone during announcements? Make sure you are comfortable with the DJ's policies on all of these topics; they should mesh with your expectations at the initial meeting so that you don't have to dictate the DJ's behavior during the event.

          Consider the DJ's overall attitude and listening skills. A wedding DJ's number one priority should be understanding the clients' ideas for their wedding and then carrying out those ideas with the best possible result. A DJ whose primary concern is bragging about his or her personal tastes in music, or who considers the wedding to be his or her "show," is not likely to do a good job. A good DJ is extremely knowledgeable about wedding music and protocols, yet is flexible enough to work within the clients' expectations with a smile.

            Finally, ensure that the DJ is comfortable with working alongside a professional wedding planner. Some DJs refuse to cooperate with any vendor they perceive as stepping on their toes, and if the DJ doesn't have a "team mentality" when it comes to executing the wedding, they're better off working with clients who have not hired a planner.